Tuesday, 3 June 2008

The all new Grog Mug

Get 'em while they're hot - and all such sales speak. We've just taken delivery of our brand new Grog & Gruel branded coffee (or tea) mug. Yours for a mere £4.95.

Ok, so its a rubbish photo. I just got one out of the box and took a photo on my phone so what do you expect. David bl*%dy Bailey or something. I mean, I've only just had a phone a wee while too and I don't really know how that works either. Why can't they just make phones that you ring people on anyway.

But we digress. No matter how rubbish the photo is, our brand new mugs are wonderful. They've got a nice big picture of Horace on it, just remind you not to be a complete pig (as is he) when dunking your 12th chocolate hob nob into your coffee.

Now available at all good Grog & Gruel outlets near you. And we'll even post one to you but that might cost a pound or two to cover the postage. Plus, we've just taken delivery of loads more of the t-shirts in Heather Grey and Polo Shirts in black or navy so all sizes should now beavailable.

1 comment:

Neil said...

I used my mug for some hot leek n tattie soup the other day. excellent soup mug.

I heard these mugs were 'causing a stir'