Thursday, 4 February 2010

Open Mic Night !!

We're always being asked when we at The Grog and Gruel will be having another open mic night. Although bands and live music are easy to organise open mic nights are not so easy. It requires a very reliable and talented host able to accompany people when required as they perform and to gloss over those performances we would rather forget.

Luckily on Thursday March 4th we have a date with a great performer and Host "Ian Stretch MacFadyen" who will not only be performing some cracking western swing but also letting members of the public perform. We usually get a great turn out and a good few performers, like our London beat box fellow, and the German poet and of course many great rock ballads from Ryan "skelf" McFall. So come along on March 4th to see open the musical pandoras box that is open mic night. I'll even give a free gift to folk who give us a performance.

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