Wednesday, 7 January 2009

What? No Food!

Happy New Year!

Another Hogmanay week over and done with. Good to see the place busy again. Lots of happy faces around, thirsty and hungry and somewhat red-cheeked after some stunning days out on the hills. Thick fog lying on the head of Loch Linnhe made the town a bit gloomy on a few mornings, and with a heavy haw frost and sub zero temperatures it looked like something off an atmospheric film set. However, head a few hundred feet up the hills and above the sea of clouds you'd find some stunning sunny weather (and a degree or 2 warmer).

So, doom, gloom recession, lack of Woolies on the High Street and all that, but we seem to have bucked the trend and had our own little oasis of prosperity at The Grog & Gruel. For one week at least!

A different story if you turn up hungry this week though! What? No food!

The kitchen is closed for a few days so that we can replace the floor covering and give it a bit of a makeover. Its now nearly 13 years since we last gave it a complete overhaul and, despite being an incredibly hard worked area, it has stood the test of time well. This essential work is sound investment and will undoubtedly help to keep our already high standards high. Unfortunately, as we need access to the entire floor area in the kitchen and wash-up areas, the sink is now in the restaurant, the griddle is on table 7 and no one has seen the fridge since Sunday. Normal service will be resumed shortly!

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