Thursday, 11 December 2008

Grog's Global Appeal

A new web site and the appeal of The Grog and Gruel has gone global.

With Christmas getting ever closer we've been receiving requests for Christmas pressies from all round the globe. Yes, such is the international standing of this modest High Street pub and restaurant.

A selection of t-shirts, polo shirts and Grog mugs are winging their way half round the world to Sydney, Australia. (That's like London, En-ger-land, like they say in the movies). And without spoiling the surprise, suffice to say that we've been helping out with pressie arrangements in Toronto, Canada.

If you're looking for a good way to fill those stockings this Christmas, and you just don't look good in fishnets, then we're happy to help with some Grog Goodies, or perhaps a voucher. Quite literally, beer vouchers!?

So buy your Christmas present from The Grog and Gruel this year or the dog gets it. Don't let him down!