Friday, 11 February 2011

New Year, New Look

The dust has finally settled, the builders have all gone, and the Council have stopped shouting at us for daring to paint the front of our building without paying an exorbitant and totally ludicrous fee for the privilege. Yes, it's a new year at The Grog & Gruel, and a new look.

The impossible brief has been delivered. Congratulations to Burns Design who were asked to modernise the traditional alehouse, but not to break it, to change it but not to detract from what we are. We must admit, we thought we'd got them stumped when we came up with that one, but actually, it all seems to have turned out rather well.

But maybe it's not so surprising after all. Burns Design actually created The Grog & Gruel back in 1994 when we first brought the Traditional Alehouse & Restaurant concept to The Rock & Luigi's, as it was known then. Their working knowledge of the business and our aspirations is probably better placed than anyone else's as a result.

The change has been fairly comprehensive. A new gantry in the Alehouse sets the scene as you walk in through the double doors. The puggy machine has been cast out and in it's place we've now got Chuffer's Corner, possibly the best seat in the house. And the fire helps to add a certain cosiness to the place.

All change in the entrance too. Horace still watches over you as you enter, and we still have a few finishing touches to add here to really make you feel welcome.

Upstairs in the Restaurant there's a new look too. A new servery, new colour scheme, a few more larger tables to help us accommodate you and your friends when you come in together, but, we're pleased to say, still the same smiley helpful waiting staff!

The guys in the kitchen were feeling a little left out, so we took the opportunity of the downtime to bring in a brand new pizza oven, Well, two of them actually. And the difference is, well, you'll need to find out for yourselves!

So, when you're next on Fort William's High Street, do pop in for a look see. You'll still recognise The Grog & Gruel, though you might (hopefully!) spot a few differences.

Hope to welcome you back soon!