Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Time for a makeover

It could be too much day time TV that's done it, but after 16 (long!) years at The Grog & Gruel we reckon that it's now time we had a bit of a makeover.

The Alehouse & Restaurant will be closed from Sunday 28th November, and, assuming all goes to plan, which lets face it is a bit optimistic at best, will re-open on

Thursday 16th December.

Make it a date in your diary. Maybe it's appropriate to bring in the new with a "Bjorn Again" party? 70's flares it is then.

Artist's impression of the new look exterior

No, sorry, forget that. We will have a bit of a re-opening party on Thursday 16th December, but you don't need to come in your flares. Not unless you want to, that is.

The Alehouse will be brought to life with the new karaoke equipment.
Full height, full length wall mirrors will effectively double the size and ensure that you can always check that you're looking hot.

Quit being flippant and tell us what's happening I hear you say?

Back in 1994 we had a clear vision of what The Grog & Gruel was going to be all about. The clue was in the name. Food and drink. No fuss (not an advert for a local events company, but a statement of policy!), no frills, but good honest food and drink in a relaxed environment with a little bit of fun thrown in for good measure. 16 years, we reckon we've got there, and with that in mind, we're not about to change it.

We'll still be The Grog & Gruel, we'll still be an Alehouse and Restaurant, we'll still sell a superb range of real ales, the menus aren't changing, and we'll still be the best pub in town.

We're going for a more retro Italian look in the restaurant, but note that we've made the seats more comfy.

What will change is a little bit of what you see. A lick of paint here, a lick of paint there... And perhaps a little bit extra too. Some stonework, a black stove to huddle round on the very few rainy days we get in Fort William, and..., well you'll just have to wait and see!

Join us on Facebook, and so long as it doesn't all look too scary and off putting, we'll keep you up to date with progress. Now go and find your platforms and iron those flares... Gimme, gimme a man after midnight...